New FCC Rules: Prohibition on Authorization of Covered Equipment

The FCC official website released new rules: From February 6, 2023, any equipment that has been identified as “covered” equipment on the Commission’s Covered List will be prohibited from obtaining an equipment authorization from the Commission. All wireless communication equipment need to meet the following requirements to apply for an FCC ID certificate.

1. “The Covered List” cannot apply for FCC ID certification
The current Covered List. The current Covered list identifies the following as “covered” equipment.

“Telecommunications equipment” and “video surveillance equipment” produced by Huawei Technologies Company (Huawei) or ZTE Corporation (ZTE), or by any subsidiaries or affiliates of such entities;

“Telecommunications equipment” and “video surveillance equipment” produced by Hytera Communications Corporation (Hytera), Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company (Hikvision), or Dahua Technology Company (Dahua), or by any subsidiaries or affiliates of such entities, “for the purpose of public safety, security of government facilities, physical security surveillance of critical infrastructure, and other national security purposes.”

2. The applicant must provide a statement document to prove that it does not belong to the company in the covered list

3. Each applicant for equipment certification designate an agent located in the United States for purposes of accepting service of process on behalf of the applicant/grantee of each new equipment authorization that is granted.

What are the main manufacturers that cannot apply for FCC certification?
1. Huawei
2. ZTE
3. Hytera
4. Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology company
5. Dahua Technology company
6. AO kaspersky Lab
7. China Telecom (Americas) Corp
8. Pacific Network Corp /ComNet (USA) LLC
9. China Unicom (Americas) Operations Limited


Q: When is the authorization of the US agent required?

A: From February 6, 2023, all FCC-certified wireless communication products exported to the United States will require US agent information;


Q: How to divide the FCC-ID applied before February 6, 2023?

A: Applicants who already have an FCC ID certificate before February 6, 2023 do not need to fill in the information of the US agent;